Where can I use Qualifier.ai?
World wide. We are not limited by any kind geographical restrictions.
Is it safe to connect my email?
Yes! We use Nylas as a third-party client here, and their security documentation can be read here: https://nylas.com/security
From where do you get your data?
We aggregate our data from the open internet, in order to ensure that all data is as correct and up-to-date as possible.
How are you different than other prospecting tools?
Obviously many different factors, but the key word here is automation. No other solution automates as much as we do, and no other solution is thus able to save more time for the sales rep.
What happens when I get an auto reply/OOO?
When you get an auto reply on an email sent out by the bot, it will be marked as responded in Qualifier and not followed up upon. This is to avoid confusion over whether the bot or you as the user is in charge of following up. Everything that ends up in the inbox is assigned you, the user.
Will Qualifier.ai work for me?
Consult our drawbacks page for more information.
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