Close more deals by automating outbound sales

Qualifier automatically identifies and engages qualified leads with you, so your sales team can focus on what they do best – selling.

Qualifier helped me have my best quarter yet, by automating the prospecting process and generating leads I was able to focus on deals in later pipeline stages, while simultaneously generating good pipeline
– Elvin Kingma, Account Executive
1. Target
Position, location, industry and company size etc - who do you want to contact?
2. Review
Approve which of your AI generated prospects are contacted – you're always in charge.
3. Compose
Compose one or many sequences of emails to be sent to your target audience. If they don't respond, the AI will follow up automatically.
Qualifier has helped us grow immensely and plays a big part in our global growth. We can barely find time to work all the leads that arrive in our inboxes
– Filip Hector, Director of Sales, Europe
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