Identify and engage

Fully automatic

Brilliant accuracy

Intelligent AI targeting

Qualifier makes it easy to target your ideal customer profile.

Works as VP Ads
Based in Bolton
Seniority level: VP
Marketing industry
$1-10M yearly rev
50-100 employees
Works as CMO
Based in Manchester
Seniority level: CXO
Advertising industry
$1-10M yearly revenue
50-100 employees
Works as CLO
Lives in Stockport
Seniority level: CXO
Online ad industry
$1-10M yearly rev
50-100 employees

Fresh data

We're crawling the open web to ensure you're up to date.

Global reach

Qualifier can help you locate fresh leads all across the globe.

Predictive AI

Qualifier uses your analytics to better understand which prospects to target.

Email verification

Your emails will always land at the correct destination.
Compelling messaging

Catch their attention

Qualifier helps you craft personal emails at scale,
and optimize them through A/B testing.


Automatically check in with your prospects at the right time.

Smart variables

Be personal without having to remember all the details.

A/B testing

Try different messages to see what converts best.

Tracking suite

Find out how and when your prospects read, click or respond to your emails.
With warm leads in your inbox

Now it's your turn

With warm, interested leads coming straight to your inbox,
you'll be closing deals like never before.

Cadence control

Adjust the speed of Qualifier so that you get just enough replies each day.

Regular inbox

Qualifier works with your email provider, e.g. Gmail, Outlook or any other client.


Compete, collaborate and share your progress within your team.


Export to all commonly used CRM:s.
We're not the right choice for everyone.
To make your choice easier, we've compiled a list of drawbacks.
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