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Sales consultancy and sales podcast Stjärnsäljarpodden spent most of their time educating current clients and had not been able to spend time adding new clients at a good enough pace. They used to prospect in a manual way, where cold-calling and cold emailing was done manually and when time was available.


By using Qualifier.ai, Stjärnsäljarpoden increased booked meetings by 25% per week.

Happy customer
Thanks to Qualifier.ai I've been able to boost sales by 20 %
Malin Holsner, CSO @ Telness
Elvin from Impraise
Qualifier.ai helped me reach best quarter yet. While Qualifier.ai generated my pipeline, I was able to focus on deals in later stages
Elvin Kingma, Account Executive @ Impraise

Case study: InnSpire

InnSpire is a global company leading the way in Hotel Tech with offices all over the world. Their great tech have landed them prestigious clients ranging from big chains such as Radisson and Clarion all the way to boutique hotels such as Grand Hotel and The Thief.


InnSpire wants to get in touch with high-end hotel chains all over the world. They used to buy lead lists, and manually source online which resulted in a time-consuming process where the data was often outdated. This lead to them losing out on big deals to competitors who had larger sales teams, but inferior tech.


Qualifier helped the InnSpire team to find and reach out to the prospects that fitted their targeting in a more effective way than what they had ever experienced before. With the help of Qualifier, InnSpire were able to increase revenue with 20% compared to the year before, and was able to close deals with hotels from all over the world.

In order to achieve the results that Qualifier brought, InnSpire would have had to hire two extra sales reps and was therefore able to see great ROI on their investment.

Qualifier.ai has provided our company with the ability to target specific markets and industries for growth potential and sales. I'd recommend Qualifier.ai to any company offering a B2B solution
Ross Mencarelli, Soundtrack Your Brand
Happy customer
30 meetings and 2 deals in less than a month. ROI from day one!
Gustaf Winnberg, CEO and Co-Founder @ Uptrail

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